About Mark Lewis & Associates


Mark Lewis & Associates (formerly Corporate Consultants) has been writing Windows software programs professionally since 1993. In recent years, the company now develops software applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Web (actual self-contained Web applications).


The company’s virtual office allows for specialists (“associates”) across Canada, to assist with writing, documentation, and testing of the software projects.



Software Products & Services


Custom Designed Software:  Mark Lewis & Associates specializes in developing truly user-friendly software programs for businesses that need a tailored solution to handle their specific needs.


In-House Software:  The company also develops and markets its own line of unique and niche-market software programs.

Locations Covered


We primarily service the greater Vancouver area, as well as other parts of British Columbia.

Mark Lewis


The founder (Mark Lewis) is a software developer and usability expert, and has been writing software since the mid '80's, yet remains current with the latest software development tools. Mark single-handedly wrote Box Office Xpress, the world's first Windows box office management and ticketing system.


Prior to creating his company, Mark had a well rounded career in the retail and wholesale industry, which adds to the maturity and broad outlook he applies to his programming style. More importantly, he has never lost sight of the first time he started using a computer and the effort it took to try and learn each operating system and various programs. Clinging to those memories has resulted in an empathetic understanding of what people go through when trying to learn and use new software. Mark incorporates this knowledge through his approach to designing software and, because of his considerable success with generating user interfaces of which people can easily comprehend, he is what the industry would consider a “usability expert”.



Header Photo

The photo at the top of the website was taken by Mark Lewis in 2013, and is a panoramic shot of the beach at Rhossili, Wales. Rated as one of the top 3 most beautiful beaches in Europe, and among the top 10 in the world. It has nothing to do with technology, but does represent a tranquil feeling that many wish to experience throughout each day. Our goal is that our software designs will be so easy to use that you will not long for this moment of tranquility.


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Mark Lewis & Associates
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