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If you are having us create a Web App for you, the application will typically need to be stored on our cloud service*. The reason for this is because web applications are far more complex than websites, can contain sensitive data, and will require trained technical experts monitoring the secure web servers 24/7.



It can take days to set up a server and get it configured properly. Our Cloud servers require zero configuration.

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You can’t afford to be hacked. When it happens, it’s costly. Our state-of-the-art, industrial-strength, multi-tiered security is woven into the core of every Cloud server.

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Servers require maintenance. Not so with our Cloud servers. We maintain and back up your server for you saving you time and money.

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11 Things You Need To Know About Cloud Security

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* Our cloud service:  We use data centers that are owned by Rackspace, Inc., a billion dollar, publicly-traded cloud hosting company. These are further enhanced and maintained by our software programming language partner. These are referred to throughout the website as our cloud service or our cloud servers.


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