Common Initial Questions About the Cost of Custom Software


How much does it cost to write a customized software program?


The cost can vary greatly, so here is a range to give you an idea...

Our least expensive (relatively simple) program was budgeted at around $10,000 and ended up at about $17,000 after changes and additions to the original specification. Our most expensive (time intensive) program was budgeted at around $85,000 and went about 30% over. Refer to the discussion on how to stay within a budget.


How long does it take from start to finish?


Depending on the complexity, and considering the entire process, the amount of time typically ranges anywhere from 3 - 18 months. Although there is no real limitation.


I can buy software at the store for under $100, so why is this so expensive?


Simple math really. Off the shelf software typically sells hundred's of thousands of units, with total sales in the millions of dollars. Custom developed software, on the other hand, is "one-off". So, actually, you're paying a ridiculously small amount for your own, custom built, software program that, in time, may save your company/organization a lot of money.



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