It's All About the Design


This topic is important...

It's what sets us apart from many other software development companies.


We develop the user-interface first (based on end-user requirements and design requests), and then add the programming to work with that interface. Many software developers are incapable of thinking this way. Some believe they can, but don't actually contain the empathy to truly understand how the end-user will look at the program.


User interface design requires very special consideration.Developing a user-interface that the end-user will enjoy has always been the driving force behind the development of our software creations. What makes our software creations unique is how easily and comfortably the end-user can learn and work with them.


When we design our software creations, the question first asked is, how would the end user expect to be able to do this? How do we address this problem?... Simple - We ask the end user what they expect!


The biggest mistake that so many custom software companies make is designing software from their own perspective. And that perspective is almost entirely focused around just the underlying programming needed to accomplish the task. The big (and bad) assumption often made by some other software developers is that the end user thinks the same way the programmer thinks ... which is, of course, ridiculous.


There are two approaches to software design. One is to build the program based on how to make the programmer would do things. The other design philosophy (the one we practice) is how to allow the end user to easily perform their tasks without any sort of confusion. These two completely different perspectives are what separates user-friendly design from chaotic design.


We understand that various end-user opinions are a necessity when designing software. This is why we like to get a healthy cross-section of perspectives from the various people who will be using the software we create.


Since the beginning of Windows software, our software creations have lead the way in user-friendly design. As our journey to create superior software continues, we constantly strive to excel in this very important objective. One that distinguishes us apart from other software development companies.

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