Note:  The program will reference Corporate Consultants. That is the former business name of Mark Lewis & Associates.



Description:  A reconciliation program designed to efficiently tabulate the end-of-day (or end-of-shift) cash register receipts comparing cash, checks and credit cards against the register readings. It provides detailed summaries in addition to printing a bank deposit slip.


File Name: tadsetup.exe


Version: 1.5


Size: 22.1 MB


Updated On: July 25, 2001


Platform: 32 bit - Windows 95*, 98, Me, NT 4*, 2000, XP ... Will not install on newer versions of Windows.


*Windows 95 and NT4 Users: You will need Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or later installed on your computer in order to view the Help System. Internet Explorer 6 can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site.


Profile: Tabulation And Deposit is a shareware program. After a 3 month period, the program will still continue to function, except some reports will no longer be available and the program will nag you to register. Note that all other functions will still be available.


Instructions: Download the Tabulation And Deposit file - tadsetup.exe - to any folder on your hard drive. Double-click on the file to install the program. View the Read Me file at the end of the installation process. This file will provide useful information to help you get started. You will not need a manual as the program's Help System is far superior to working with a manual.


Note: There is a patch for this program that should be applied after it is installed.


Download Tabulation And Deposit


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