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Other hosting services give you a blank server with nothing more than Linux installed. The version of Linux is almost always out of date and must be updated, while users need to be created and permissions configured.


In these other hosting services, you would need to install and configure Apache, SSL and SSH and, if you’re using traditional tools, you’ll need to install PHP. Security is a must for publicly accessible servers so you would have to consider that as well. And you would need to configure the firewall and then learn about and configure other forms of security too.


A backup system is a must should the server be hacked or simply go down.


And all of this needs to be completed within 15 minutes because that’s how long you have before hackers detect your server and attempt to break-in.

Our Cloud servers require zero configuration. They are up-to-date, and ready to go. This means it takes us just moments to upload your custom built web application, instead of you having to deal with the headaches of the above mentioned other hosting services (assuming you had the expertise to even attempt such a thing).


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