If you require high quality, generic pictures for your website, often the most efficient and cost effective means to acquire eye-catching and compelling photographs is to use a "stock" photo service. We can utilize such a service, search for the types of photos you require, and provide you with a refined selection from which to choose.




If you wish to use your own, good quality photos on the website, we can touch them up to professional standards.




We can take photos for you of your premises, your products, or whatever may be relevant and useful for your website. If you require product photos, we typically will use a trained professional photographer who is highly skilled at commercial photography.


Professional Photographers and Personnel

We have three professional photographers on staff. These are true trained professionals. Two are graduates from Sheridan College, one of whom also holds an MFA, plus both have apprenticed with, literally, the top photographers in North America. The third has apprenticed for several years. Primary photographic skills (that relate to websites) include commercial (products), fashion, theme-based and regular portraits, landscape, and live action. Our professional photographers can accommodate most any requirement, and have access to a complete range of equipment, assistants, and make-up artists.





If you require models, we have access to a pool of talent, in addition to make-up artists.


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