After examining your requirements, the resulting size of the website, and the various resources that will be required to create the website (content, graphics, photos, video, equipment, models, etc.), we will provide you with a quote. Alternately, you can likely get a good idea of what your site may cost from the pricing listed below.


Yes, you can easily find some website hobbyist who can do it for just a few hundred dollars, but please keep in mind that simply throwing together some pictures and content, no matter how pretty or slick, may not actually produce the desired result, as outlined here.





Initial Website Design (desktop configuration):  $ 1000

(layout, menu, header, footer, common links)


Website Design for each additional device compatibility*:  $ 400


Basic content per page:  $ 25

(your content, basic page layout)


Specialty layouts per page:  up to $ 100

(ex; expandable accordion or panel content, social media links,  etc.)


Simple forms per page:  $ 75

(example: Contact form)


Complex forms per page:  up to $ 400

(example questionnaire, surveys, etc.)


Media (graphics, photos, videos) provided by us:  quote


Specialty websites, such as a portfolio site:  quote


Initial upload to web server:  $ 100


Site alterations and uploads:  $65/hour



* Device compatibility: Unless stated otherwise, all per page prices are per device. Devices are desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, all of which require different layouts in order to correctly and optimally view the content. This means that your content needs to be re-entered and modified for each type of device, including resizing graphics and photos. If you wish your website to be fully compatible with desktops, tablets and smartphones, then multiply each per page price by three, and include the appropriate Website Design cost per device.


Contact Us discuss your requirements.



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