Note:  The program will reference Corporate Consultants. That is the former business name of Mark Lewis & Associates.




To assist retailers in reconciling their daily sales through the total count of cash, checks and charges as compared to the daily readings from the cash registers. From this, a deposit slip is printed for the bank and a report is printed for the bookkeeper.


Observed Time Savings:

75%  -  As tested (based on a retail outlet that used between 2 and 4 cash registers), a job that took 1.5 hours a day was reduced to about 20 minutes. The end of month reconciliation took 5 minutes as compared with 4 hours using a pencil and a calculator.



The user simply enters the number of bills and coin from each cash register as well as the total dollar amount of the checks and charges. They then enter all the summary information that is provided by each cash register's daily reading. The program automatically calculates the extended amounts, breaks down the information and provides a report for the bookkeeper, including items such as net and gross sales by cash, check and charge, amount of taxes, etc. Over/under amounts for each cash register are also displayed. The program then prints a deposit slip for the bank.


Competitive Programs:

Some stores create their own system using a spreadsheet. Unless you are quite skilled at spreadsheet design and programming, developing an in-house solution for this purpose produces results that are barely worth the effort. In addition, the process of using a spreadsheet can be extremely difficult to teach someone else. TAD started out as a very sophisticated spreadsheet program, but then progressed to a full blown application in order to make it easy to learn and more configurable.



Any version of Windows from 95 to XP. The current version will not install on versions of Windows from Vista or newer.

Minimum requirements are the same as the operating systems minimum requirements.



Version 2 is in the planning stages and will be compatible with current versions of Windows.



Shareware  -  $49 to register


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