Note:  The program will reference Corporate Consultants. That is the former business name of Mark Lewis & Associates.



Description:  This corrects a problem with the database that prevents the program from running.


File Name: tadupdate.exe


Version: 1.5 (unchanged)


Size:  58 KB


Updated On:  March 20 , 2002


Platform: 32 bit - Windows 95*, 98, Me, NT 4*, 2000, XP


Instructions: Download the Tabulation and Deposit Update file - tadupdate.exe - to any folder on your hard drive. Double-click on the file to install the update.


Important: This update is intended for new users only! It will replace your database and will cause you to loose all your existing data. Do not download this update if you are not a new user.


Download the Tabulation And Deposit Update


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