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Not to be confused with website design, web applications (web apps) are independent, purpose-specific software programs that run on a website,  across common browsers and devices. An example may be an organization's member list, complete with a member database stored on the web server ("in the cloud", so to speak).


General Web Application Examples:


  • Customer/client/contact management
  • Event management
  • Tracking
  • On-line sales
  • Other types of data management
  • Other scenarios requiring group-based management and multi-user access


Web applications that we create can be combined with our website design services to offer a complete, interactive website package. Or we can work with your website designer to integrate your web application.




As web apps reside on the Internet, they are accessible to everyone, including hackers. The vast majority of web apps are built with traditional (arguably outdated) tools and are nothing more than a series of text files.


Our web apps, on the other hand, are compiled to binary code. Few hackers have the knowledge to manipulate binary code. This makes our web apps incredibly difficult and time-consuming to hack. Since most hackers are just mischievous, they would much rather move on to something easier. In addition, our web apps are hosted in extremely secure cloud servers.



Hosting of Web Apps

Web applications require the use of our monitored, secure cloud service.



Desktop Software Integration


Also see our services for creating custom designed desktop software (for Windows, Mac, Linux), which can be integrated with your web app, if desired.

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